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Driving Lessons St Ives

What is it you really want? A strong of mundane driving lessons getting you no where, or a course of lessons helping you to pass your driving test… I thought so!

Passing your test is an amazing feeling, but you also want to enjoy the experience of learning while able to save time and money.

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Money Back Guarantee

All driving schools look the same and it is very difficult for you to work out who will be right for you, so I am giving you a money back guarantee.

I want to show you not only is your money safe, but that I am confident in my ability to help you get your driving licence.

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My Challenge To You

I know that by condensing your lessons into a shorter time scale you can pass your driving test quickly and pay less overall.

Many of my pupils take 4 or 6 hours a week and as a result, learn faster, take less time to pick up new skills and pass their driving test in fewer hours.

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