"My dad passed in 20 hours, how long will it take me?"

Many people want to know how many hours will it take to pass the driving test, here is the low down for you.

Whichever school you use, mine or another, always remember that the number of hours is not important because if that is your focus you will probably fail a few times.

However I can show you how to take less hours than the national average which is 47 hours of professional tuition.  47 might seem an awful lot, but some people will need more, and some learners are not learning properly. Imagine just taking 1 hour a week, by the time of your next lesson you will have forgotten what you did in the previous week!

I suggest you take at least 2 hours a week, 4 or 6 hours if you can.
By learning this way you learn more quickly, don't forget and lose information so you ill end up saving time (less hours) and money.

Today the driving test is much harder than 20 years ago.
We have the theory test, independent driving, the standards have risen, cars have many more gadget you need to learn and we have a lot more traffic.

Because of this, please don't expect to learn in the same time as your mum and dad, times have changed. 


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  • Your dad passed in 20 hours
  • Your dad passed in 20 hours
  • Your dad passed in 20 hours
  • Your dad passed in 20 hours

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