You can pass your driving test first time, but you need to know how and not leave it to chance

Passing your driving test first time doesn't have to be so difficult as many people think, and you certainly don't want to leave it to chance...

You need to accept and understand what the driving examiner will be looking for.
There are no such things as quotas, and examiners having bad days because you are tested fairly like everyone else and the secret to passing is by showing you are in full control of the car and safe.

My pass rate is well above the national average, and the national average of less than 70% is quite poor because pupils are going to the test not ready.

They end up having to pay more money, and it's likely if they scrape through their driving test they could find themselves in an accident if not 100% prepared.

When you take lessons with me, our goal is for you to be safe and in full control.
Once you manage that
you will pass your driving test.

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