What stories have you heard? Let me bust those myths.

So here are a few myths about driving lessons and passing your driving test and I'll give you my opinion on each one.

National driving school are better than independent driving schools (or vice versa)

I used to work for a national and now I work for myself so I have a pretty good idea on this one, and I can tell you there is no truth that one is better than the other. It all depends on the driving instructor.

Driving Instructors earn more than £20 an hour, so must be loaded.

a-ha! We wish.
The average cost of a driving lesson is around £13 an hour so an instructor who charges £23 will make £10 an hour, of course they have to take income tax out of this. A good instructor will earn around £20,000 a year. Its more of a lifestyle business and we do it for the love of it, certainly not for the cash.

The driving test examiner will fail you because of a quota

This rumour ha been going for years, I even heard it when I passed my driving test, and it is not true.

Smaller cars are better to learn in.

This could have some merits, but once you pass your driving test at some stage you will no doubt drive a bigger car, so you could learn in one now no problem.
Schools like smaller cars for their handling ability and usually have better all round visibility, so that's why we tend to choose them.

Early morning tests are harder

All driving tests are the same, however at certain times of the day we experience different levels of traffic and types of traffic. at 8:30am we have cars taking children to school, at lunch time people can leave work to go to the shops and at 5pm people finish work to go home.
As you can see, at all times of the day the traffic will change.


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